Explore our Consulting Services

In order to create a comprehensive IT strategy for your business needs, you should no longer depend on the past as a guide for the future. At Loxabe IT we can offer you the expertise from the best minds we have in order to automate and digitalize operations, optimize your network and cloud portfolio and uncover cost savings. Some of our consulting services include:

Create a comprehensive IT strategy for a technological transformation of your company
  • Advisory Services

    For every business usually, the IT problems are unique and require a customized approach. By using our consulting services you will have access to our real-world knowledge and expertise and at the same time, you can get the best practices that IT industry can offer. Through our advisory services, we will help you to transform your business challenges and find for you best cloud or network solution that will fit into your existing or new IT environment.

  • Architecture Consulting Services

    One of the biggest challenges for every business nowadays is to design IT architecture that keeps pace with an ever-changing digital environment. At Loxabe IT we conduct an assessment of your IT infrastructure with a focus on Network and Cloud Infrastructure, Mobile and End-User Computing, and Service Delivery capabilities. We combine your information and define the required changes at your IT infrastructure wherever is possible with a focus on customizing “Infrastructure Roadmap” along with Standard Operating Procedure.

  • Transformation Consulting Services

    The best way to build a responsive IT capacity is through the transformation of key processes used for planning and managing IT infrastructure. With a well-defined strategy, we can help you to speed up the transformation of your business in IT traditional infrastructure or the cloud. Our consultants will assist you in identifying the best-fit technology and delivery model for your environment by improving implementation time and mitigating deployment risks.

  • Project Management Services

    Loxabe IT enables you the rapid transformation of your business by following the best project management traditional and agile methodologies. Our Project Managment services provide you the world-class project delivery with a single source of communication and escalation from experts who hold a PMP, ITIL certifications and understand your business and technology objectives. Working with design and deployment team, we guarantee a professional consultancy that will deliver your project on time, within budget and in accordance with your objectives.