Corporate Responsibility

We at Loxabe IT believe in adapting the best practicies that will create a positive changes to the society. We wish to have an impact in a positive way to the community that we operate. As such, our plan is to implement a corporate responsibility pragram that is sustanable and has a positive impact not only in our company, but also at the community.

Commitment and Programs

Our commitment is mainly focused on the IT education of the youth in communities where we operate. As a result, we provide different educational incentives for high school and university students in the IT and computer science programs. By this, we contribute in their career advancement and future professional development.


Using our expertise and experience in the IT industry, our education programs aim to improve the knowledge base of students. Our seamless and consistent approach has made positive changes within the IT sector in communities we serve.


Our commitment to communities extends to environmental sustainability. We plan to invest in many green initiatives that result in direct carbon-footprint reduction practices. Our company supports and promotes the car-free movement.


We encourage social innovation and jumpstart collaboration among the tech community to provide solutions to specific local needs. We are committed to take initiatives and support the community for the greater good.