Explore our Application Development Services

The Loxabe IT application development department has over 10 years of experience developing within a diverse set of technologies and platforms, allowing us the flexibility to easily interact with other systems. We carry out custom Application development, Web Development, Mobile development, and Automation Testing, by using the latest technologies and agile development.

To Reach your business objectives use our application development services.
  • Software Architecture

    Software products require multi-functional and advanced software architecture that need to be flexible, robust, reliable and able to adapt with third-party products. We at Loxabe IT have technical capabilities and experience to determine what language, framework, standard, and hardware is capable to fulfill the tasks that software product is designed for.

  • Desktop Application

    Our team of software development department is capable to build a functionally and visually rich, high-performance and responsive desktop application that will fulfill your business needs. We provide you a complete solution of desktop applications that includes technologies such as: Microsoft .NET (C#, VB.NET, WinForms, WPF, ADO.NET, LINQ); C/C++; WinAPI, MFC, OLE DB; Transact-SQL, PL/SQL; XML, XSLT, SOAP/WSDL, REST; Microsoft Visual Studio; Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc.

  • Websites

    Loxabe IT will help you to craft a modern and up to date website based on your needs and business objectives. We create websites by using frontend and backend technology stacks as well as most popular CMS. Our Technology Stack includes HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, WordPress, etc.

  • Web Application

    Our development team aims to build secure, scalable and functional web applications that will meet customer requirements. With their experience and skills, our developers are always ready to help entrepreneurs and forward-looking companies to transform their ideas into successful final products. Our technology stack includes technologies such as PHP, Java, Node.js, etc.

  • Mobile Application

    Designing and Developing native iOS and Android APP’s is one of the key specialties of Loxabe IT. The Agile management in combination with our skills and strong experience enables our mobile team to develop a user-friendly mobile APP and satisfy customers. The technology stack used by our developers includes Java and Kotlin for Android, as well as Swift and Objective C for iOS.

  • Software Testing

    At Loxabe IT, we provide a full range of testing services for Websites, Mobile and Web application and Desktop Application. By using our test services we ensure that your software product has passed through our comprehensive suite of quality testing services. Some of our software testing services are: Functional and Regression Testing; Websites and Mobile Testing; Manual and Automated Testing.